Coming November 2018 / Chicago, IL

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

Your personal growth as a leader can contribute significantly to the success of your team and your organization. But you don’t always have the time or the resources to grow your own leadership knowledge and skills. ILTA has a simple and elegant resource for you — “Leadership NEW.0.” This one-day conference will help you improve your leadership abilities in measurable ways by teaching you proven leadership approaches and giving you the opportunity to work on key leadership areas most useful to you. In this year’s conference, we will focus on the practical benefits and impact of new {servant} leadership.

About the 2017 Event

Leadership NEW.0 was ILTA's fifth annual leadership development seminar: a one-day facilitated workshop for ILTA members in law firms and in corporate and government law departments to come together to connect with peers and to learn and share in their leadership development journeys. Participants worked together through a new {servant} leadership boot camp, took time to focus on personal leadership competencies and identify areas in need of development. The 2017 event registration was limited to 150 participants to provide a personalized experience. 

The one-day ILTA conference on leadership developed out of sessions at ILTACON designed to honor one of ILTA’s great volunteers, Sharon Swartworth, Chief Warrant Officer 5 . ILTA continues to honor Sharon at Leadership NEW.0. Sharon’s selfless leadership style influenced this year’s theme, servant leadership.

“Sharon Swartworth always placed the needs of others before herself, always making sure she spent the time to take care of her people."

– Chief Warrant Officer Five Russell Ferrell of the U.S. Judge Advocate General’s Corp and ILTA Member


  • Help you develop the leadership skills needed to take you to the next level as an impactful new {servant} leader in your organization
  • Teach the values and practical benefits of new {servant} leadership
  • Provide a measurable return on your participation in the Leadership NEW.0 conference, as well as a defined path forward in your personal leadership development

What is New {Servant} Leadership?

We have experienced traditional forms of leadership. Aren't we ready for something healthier? New {servant} leadership is a way of leading that upends traditional leadership approaches to achieve better ends through better means. Rather than focusing on the leader's personal power and privilege, a new {servant} leader recognizes that true success comes from developing greater ability and health in their team. A new {servant} leader is a compelling visionary who delivers great results through wise stewardship of the resources and people available. This leader is a person of high integrity and honesty who is known as an empathetic listener and trusted guide. This leader is persistent and accountable, sharing not only the risks but also the benefits of success.

Who Should Attend?

This day-long Leadership workshop will be relevant to employees working in the legal technology industry who are currently in a leadership or executive role, or aspiring to become a leader.


Attendees will develop a clearer understanding of the new {servant} leadership framework – including the values and practical benefit in the legal industry:

  • How to become more trustworthy
  • How to become a better critical thinker
  • How to develop better awareness and judgment
  • How to expand your creative problem-solving capabilities
  • How to be more persuasive
  • How to help your team grow in accomplishment and health
  • How to develop a team of servant leaders

2017 Agenda

Come to the registration desk to check in, and then enjoy a continental breakfast.

Welcome & leadership diagnostic exercises to create your plan for the day.

Get up and stretch those legs!

An introduction to this radical and radically effective leadership approach.

Enjoy lunch and networking with peers.

Jana Cohen Barbe shares her insights and experiences as an imperfect servant leader. Jana will speak to the value of servant leadership and also to its pitfalls. She will candidly and openly discuss how she aspires to be a servant leader while embracing her own ambition.

Participate in deeper dive discussions on leadership competencies.

Enjoy a 15-minute break before the next session starts!

Some {servant} leadership characteristics may be viewed as more natural for female leaders (i.e. empathy, humility). These same characteristics can also be viewed as weaknesses in leaders. How can we inspire leaders (male and female) to develop, embrace and cultivate these characteristics as strengths?

We'll interview this panel of leaders to learn about their experiences and leadership styles, helping us all better understand the benefits and values of {servant} leadership.

In this final session, we’ll take stock of our learning and make choices about how to put that learning into action

A chance for informal conversation with conference attendees

2017 Keynote

Jana Cohen Barbe

Jana was the first woman appointed to the Dentons’ Global Board, and, for five years, she was the only woman to serve on the Board as it led Dentons' growth and evolution into the largest law firm in the world. Jana was also the firm's first global vice chair appointed from the United States region, a position she helped define while deftly navigating boardroom and cross-cultural dynamics. Widely recognized for her sanguine and skillful handling of complex risk and management challenges, Jana also was the first and only woman to chair the firm's preeminent real estate practice and the firm's financial institutions sector, successfully leading and managing both through boom-times and recessions. In addition, she founded and cultivated one of the largest practices in the firm: the tax-oriented investments practice, which Jana continues to grow and manage. Jana advises many of the nation's leading financial institutions and insurance companies in connection with affordable housing and community development investments, as she has personally closed in excess of $7 billion in low income housing tax credit investments on behalf of Dentons clients. Contact Jana on LinkedIn.

Inspiration for Leadership NEW.0 comes from a great ILTA volunteer Leader –
Sharon T. Swartworth.